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My name's Austen Jacobsen.
I practice music under the alias Realboy and OS10, and am experimenting with many means of performance and production of electronic music.

All of my music is for free download off my website, but is also available on popular platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ableton Chaining + Widening

Chaining. Like, the best way you can make anything sound better. But srsly for dividing frequencies and effecting differently makes a world of difference, try it out. I'm using it to help even out the mix a little by putting things in a difference space for a couple tracks.
This track is Realboy- Time for Me ft. Tommy T.

- Realboy

P.S. Spreader: Drag out a single "Simple Delay" onto a track. Click the header to highlight, and press command+g to group it. Click the three horizontal lines on the left of this group, so you see the chaining area. Right click under the current chain, and select "create new chain." Leave nothing in it, pan one of your chains hard left and the other hard right. Take the simple delay on the one of them and turn wetness to 100%, linked, time mode (not sync), and somewhere between 2-20ms of delay with zero feedback. 

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