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My name's Austen Jacobsen.
I practice music under the alias Realboy and OS10, and am experimenting with many means of performance and production of electronic music.

All of my music is for free download off my website, but is also available on popular platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cable Basics EP, OUT NOW!

Metrojolt Post:

My first EP to officially release on Beatport is finally out!

Cable Basics is a four track EP composed of Cable Funk, In a Rush ft. Jeffrey Heller, One Two Punch, and Back to Basics. The whole EP has this funky left field electronic thing going on, but each track also stands alone as being in it's own sub-genre of sorts. We have some Acid, Trip Hop, Rock, and Swing influences throughout.
Keep an eye out for things to come, I've got a lot in store.

Here's the beatport link:

And here you can stream the tracks in full:

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